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S.A.D. or S(imple) A(fter) D(ump)

When I’m investigating issues for customers, I usually use WinDBG to dig into some dump files. In the case of .NET applications, I’m taking advantage of the commands exported by the sos/sosex/psscor extensions to get a view of the application … Continue reading

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Sending an SOS

The previous post explained how to take advantage of DbgHost.exe, the debugging host provided by DebugDiag, to make a debugger engine load a dump file and execute commands like what you can do manually in WinDBG and the Immediate window … Continue reading

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How to control a debugger engine?

In the previous post, I’ve introduced a tool that helps finding managed memory leaks based on output obtained via WinDBG and the SOS extension. Even though the clipboard interception makes the process easier and faster, it is still boring to … Continue reading

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