In my job at Microsoft, I have to dig again into “old” topics such as COM, Windows Core or C++. It is funny to look around and see how many books are still on the bookshelf after 20+ years of Windows programming.

I’ve taken the time to list these survivors, sorted from the lastest to the oldest.

I’m not sure that I’m still reading so many books those days. Maybe because I have more to learn in the same time: things are changing a lot every three to five years and new “stuff” is now always massive to digest.
Maybe because much more resources are now available online through blogs. The great video way to learn like Channel 9 is also so useful.

BTW, don’t forget to register for the “Azure Deep Dive” free session by Jeffrey Richter in May!

Hopefully, as a technical reviewer, I have to read several books every year: how lucky I am   :^)


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