LeakShell 1.4 – Use the dumps Luke!

After the first release of LeakShell, here is an update that allows you to directly provide dump files .
This evolution is based on what I’ve presented to control a debugger engine and send commands to the sos.dll extension.

You’re still able to use LeakShell as you do your investigation within WinDBG but also post-mortem based on dumps of the application takens at different time while memory is growing: you just have to drag the .dmp files to the snapshot listview on the upper left side of the application.

As with S.A.D., you need to use the right version of LeakShell: the x86 version for 32 bit dumps or the x64 version for the 64 bit dumps.

Download LeakShell 1.4 x86 | x64

The only prerequisite is to install DebugDiag x86 | x64 on top of .NET Framework 4.0.

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